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Furnas, Wendell J. [CAPT/USN (Ret.) "From JICPOA to Guam: Hitchhiking with the Marines." Naval Intelligence Professionals Quarterly 13, no. 1 (Jan. 1997): 1-3.

Furnas was a Navy Japanese Language Officer who landed with Third Marine Division on Guam in June 1944. The mission was to interrogate prisoners and translate documents; collect high priority documents, equipment, and prisoners for immediate dispatch back to JICPOA and FRUPAK; and ship back other captured documents and equipment of longer-term interest.

Mullahey, Thomas F., Jr. "Counter-Intelligence." Marine Corps Gazette, Oct. 1945, 36-38. []

Weadon, Patrick D. Origins of the Navajo Code Talkers: Cryptologic Brilliance, Linguistic Expertise, Dedication To Duty. Ft. George G. Meade, MD: National Security Agency, Center for Cryptologic History, 2002. []

This work outlines the persistence of 50s-something Philip Johnston and the success his vision met with the integration of the Navajo Code Talkers into the Marines' battlefield communications system.

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