Pearl Harbor

Reference Material

Buruma, Ian. "Ghosts of Pearl Harbor." New York Review of Books, 19 Dec. 1991, 9-10.

Sexton notes that this article reviews five books on the antecedents of the Pacific War. The reviews include Rusbridger and Nave's Betrayal at Pearl Harbor. The author's "limited knowledge of MAGIC and Anglo-American Intelligence undermines his critique."

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According to Sexton, this is an "exhaustive annotated bibliography of over 1,500 citations, including MAGIC and other intelligence-related sources."

Smith, Stanley H. Investigations of the Attack on Pearl Harbor: Index to Government Hearings. Vol. 3, Bibliographies and Indexes in Military Studies Series. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1990.

Sexton calls this an "indispensable guide that provides easy access to the reports of the eight Pearl Harbor investigations."

U.S. Department of Defense. The "Magic" Background of Pearl Harbor. 8 vols. Washington, DC: GPO, 1979.

According to Pforzheimer, these volumes "cover the period from 14 January-7 December 1941. The major centerpiece comprises the instructions and preparations for each of the meetings between Secretary of State Hull and the Japanese Ambassador in Washington." Other items included are the decrypted text of Japanese messages and historical material from Hull's official memoranda and memoirs. "This work ... is virtually unequalled for material of this kind." Constantinides suggests that these volumes, together with the Ultra items released by the British PRO, "provide a source of material to the researcher that is hard to equal."

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