Reference Materials


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Sexton notes that this work indexes more than 1,300 Magic documents, and presents a brief summary of each.

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The sources here are primarily the various Sigint documents of Record Group 457 in the National Archives. Sexton sees the article as a "valuable introduction to a key document collection."

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This is a subject and name index to the MAGIC documents held at the U.S. National Archives.

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This multivolume work consists of photo reproductions of documents from the National Archives.

Vol. 1: ULTRA, MAGIC and the Allies.

Sexton terms this an "invaluable collection."

Nautical Brass On-Line. "Codebreaking and Secret Weapons in World War II." []

"These articles are part of a ten-part series on codebreaking (Enigma, 'Purple', 'Magic', and the large part cryptography played in World War II) and the secret weapons of Allies and Axis (V1, V2, A-bomb, radar, etc.). The series of articles originally appeared in Nautical Brass magazine, now no longer in print, but on the Web as Nautical Brass On-Line." Includes "Annotated Bibliography. 120 references, including Enigma simulators, Web sites, movies, video tapes, books and articles. (17K)"

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The author tracks the opening up of information from U.S. and UK sources (and secondarily from other countries) about the role of Sigint in World War II.

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This is an earlier version of the above article.

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This work has 828 annotated bibliographic entries dealing with the role of ULTRA and MAGIC. Entries include both primary and secondary sources, and the annotations average 4-5 lines each. There are also entries on sources on the Sigint and cryptanalytic programs of the Axis and neutral powers. The brief (18 pages) introductory essay is worth reading for its general sweep across some of the main sources.

Sexton, Donald J., and Myron J. Smith, Jr. Electronic Intelligence in World War II: ULTRA and MAGIC -- A Bibliography. London: Meckler, 1994.

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