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For Kruh, Cryptologia 29.3 (Jul. 2005), the author "tells the fascinating story of the most controversial Swiss intelligence operation" of World War II. "This is a superb book that fills in a large gap in our knowledge of a largely unknown aspect" of the war. Foot, I&NS 20.3 (Sep. 2005), comments that this "thoroughly scholarly work" is presented in an "effortlessly clear" translation. The "book, crammed with minutiae, gets more and more interesting as its main narrative goes on."

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According to Sexton, this article reviews "German, British, American and Soviet intelligence activities in neutral Switzerland from 1939 through 1945."

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Alvarez, I&NS 19.1, says that the author has produced "a comprehensive survey of Anglo-Swiss wartime relations.... The treatment of Swiss political and diplomatic personalities is especially illuminating." The chapter on British covert operations in Switzerland has "more detail on the cryptanalytic successes of Bletchley Park (which managed to crack several Swiss cyphers) and the covert operations" of SOE than on SIS' clandestine intelligence operations.

2. "'Keeping the Swiss Sweet': Intelligence as a Factor in British Policy towards Switzerland during the Second World War." Intelligence and National Security 11, no. 3 (Jul. 1996): 442-467.

"Between the summer of 1940 and early 1943, Britain's intelligence community exercised a powerful, and at times crucial, influence over the evolution of British policy towards Switzerland.... Critical to the success of Britain's intelligence operations in Switzerland was the benevolence of the Federal political and security forces."

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