Operation Kondor

Dovey, H.O. "Operation Condor." Intelligence and National Security 4, no. 2 (Apr. 1989): 357-373.

This article presents a solid -- and relatively brief -- view of the German operation in Egypt in 1942. In the process, the author finds some "major discrepancies between the published accounts" and information available in the Public Record Office. Among the stories he punctures is the involvement of Nasser in the affair as alleged in Nigel West's MI6 (1983).

Eppler, John. Operation Condor: Rommel's Spy. London: Macdonald & Jane's, 1977.

Constantinides notes that this Abwehr operation in Egypt was wrapped up by the British in 1942. Eppler participated in the operation. Lewin, Ultra Goes to War (1978), reveals that the mission was compromised from the start by Ultra intelligence.

Mosley, Leonard. The Cat and the Mice. London: Barker, 1958. New York: Harper, 1958.

Constantinides notes that because it was the first postwar book on the German Operation Kondor, this account is incomplete; and Mosley's evaluation of the importance of the operation is misplaced. As Lewin, Ultra Goes to War (1978), tells the story, the Germans in 1942 decided to place a controlled intelligence source, complete with radio transmitter, in Cairo. They moved two agents overland some 1,700 miles, from behind Rommel's lines to the banks of the Nile. The agents were arrested, because the British had been alerted to their coming through Ultra materials and their behavior upon arrival was decidedly amateurish.

Sansom, A. W. I Spied Spies. London: Harrap, 1965.

Constantinides: The author headed British Field Security in Cairo in World War II and stayed in Cairo after the war as security officer at the British embassy in the period when Donald Maclean served there. He gives a good description of the Kondor case, but does not mention that the British knew the Kondor mission was coming. For the later period, "Maclean's activities outside the embassy are vividly described."

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