The Battle of the Atlantic

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For a listing of materials from the Special Research History (SRH) series, as well as other pertinent items, see Under the heading "ULTRA and the Battle of the Atlantic," this site supplies links to the texts of the following SRH items: (1) Battle of the Atlantic, Vol. I, "Allied Communications Intelligence, December 1942-May 1945" [SRH-009]; Battle of the Atlantic, Vol. II, "U-Boat Operations--December 1942 to May 1942 including German U-boats and raiders in the Indian and Pacific Oceans" [SRH-008]; Battle of the Atlantic, Vol. IV, "Technical Intelligence from Allied C.I., 1941-1945" [SRH-025]; and Jerry C. Russell [CDR/USN], ULTRA and the Campaign Against the U-boats in World War II [SRH-142] [20 May 1980].

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