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The History Net

"The is brought to you by the Weider History Group, the world's largest publisher of history magazines. contains daily features, photo galleries and over 5,000 articles originally published in our various magazines."

Homeland Security Education and Careers provides "access to information on homeland security divisions within federal, state and municipal government, the careers found within these organizations, and the education necessary to qualify for these jobs." State-by-state information is available. [Homeland Security Degree (Guide to Homeland Security Degree Programs)]

This site was created by Carl Francis "to help those looking for a career [in Homeland Security] get started." In addition to a state-by-state listing of institutions offering degrees in Homeland Security, the site offers information on such topics as: "What Homeland Security Degrees Exist....": "What Sorts of Careers are Common With a Homeland Security Degree?"; "What is the Average Salary for Someone With a Homeland Security Degree?"; and "Where Can I Find Homeland Security Degree Scholarships and Grants?" []

This site provides a searchable directory of all nationally accredited online Criminal Justice degree programs. A listing of Homeland Security degree programs is included.


This site was originally compiled by the late Patrick Clancey of the HyperWar Foundation. The site includes both lists of and, in some cases, links to primary materials -- "A HYPERTEXT history of the Second World War."

Under "HyperWar - European Theater of Operations," this site lists materials from the Special Research History (SRH) series, as well as other pertinent items, on the Battle of the Atlantic.

Information about the HyperWar Project.

Intelligence Forum

This is the website for a "private, not-for-profit organization that maintains a free electronic bulletin board dedicated to the scholarly study and discussion of intelligence."

Intelligence Online

Home Page for a fortnightly electronic publication, "Intelligence" (subscription required). Samples of the journal output are available for review.

International Relations and Security Network

Product of the Center for Security Studies and Conflict Research, Zurich. It bills itself as "the most comprehensive links database on international relations and security policy."

International Spy Museum

A must-see site.

Laos: The Secret War or

This site was created and maintained by the late Ervin "Dave" Davis.

Loyola University, Kevin Hula: Strategic Intelligence

The Loyola site is particularly useful for its links to a wide range of additional sites -- and because they are updated on a regular basis. These sites are recommended as excellent starting points for Web searches on intelligence matters.

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