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Air & Space Power Journal

Provides access to current and back issues of Air & Space Power Journal and to the Air University Review, published bimonthly from 1947 to 1987. The editions for 1985-1987 are available in html format. AUR was replaced in 1987 by Airpower Journal, in 1999 by Aerospace Power Journal, and more recently by Air & Space Power Journal.

"Books reviews are listed alphabetically by author's name." A "short title" search is also available.

"Chronicles Online Journal (COJ) is the online-only companion to Air & Space Power Journal (ASPJ).... COJ has a broader editorial focus than ASPJ and is not subject to quarterly focus areas."

Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency

Includes information on AFISRA.

Central Intelligence Agency

Offers on-line versions of the World Factbook, the Factbook on Intelligence, and the Handbook of International Economic Statistics.

Includes "Popular Document Collection," with materials on the U2, UFOs, the Rosenbergs, and Penkovsky; has search capability.

Site for the Center for the Study of Intelligence. Provides access to articles from Studies in Intelligence

Although both its existence and execution have taken some flak, the CIA Kid's Page is well done -- for the right age group.

Coast Guard Intelligence

Defense Intelligence Agency

"History: 50 Years of Excellence in Defense of the Nation": The DIA "will observe its 50th anniversary on 1 October 2011. Over the next ... months, DIA will share some of its historical contributions across five decades of American national security decision-making." The accomanying "video previews some of the history behind the nation's premier provider of intelligence on foreign military intentions and capabilities."

Defense Security Service

See Espionage Cases, 1975-2004 at: From "Introduction": "Since its first publication in 1985, Recent Espionage Cases has offered the security educator easy-to-find factual information about cases for use in briefings, newsletters, and other educational media.... [T]hese case summaries bear little resemblance to the glamorized fictional accounts of many spy novels; rather, they tell mundane tales of human folly resulting in tragic personal and national consequences."

Department of State

This site describes itself as "a permanent electronic archive of information released online from January 1, 1997 to January 20, 2001. Please see for current material from the Department of State. Or visit for information from that period. Archive sites are not updated, so external links may no longer function."

Electronic Reading Room. This site opened on 16 March 1998. It offers access to documents released under FOIA requests, and serves as a "reference point for State Department records." The site has a search feature.

Major State Department Publications.

Director of National Intelligence (DNI)

Drug Enforcement Administration

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Counterintelligence Division:


Directorate of Intelligence:

Provides access to materials released under FOIA on such subject categories as "Espionage," "Famous Persons," and "Historical Interest."

Intelligence Community (IC)

Provides links to the home pages of the 17 IC components.

Joint Force Quarterly

Occasional intelligence-related materials.

Library of Congress/Federal Research Division/Country Studies

Area Handbook Series, with studies of 101 countries and regions.

Marine Corps Intelligence Department

Includes organizational chart for Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps, Intelligence Department.

Military Review

"The Professional Journal of the U.S. Army"; published by the United States Army Combined Arms Center. Has some intelligence-related articles and book reviews.

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