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On 13 March 2009, the CIA's Center for the Study of Intelligence released "six volumes of previously classified books detailing various aspects of the CIA's operations in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos in the '60s and '70s. The works were distributed and discussed at a conference hosted by Texas Tech University's Vietnam Center and Archive. The documents [were] penned by CIA historian Thomas L. Ahern Jr."

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Burnham, Proceedings 135.12 (Dec. 2009), notes that this work "is neither autobiography nor sweeping historical essay.... It focuses on Keith's three deployments ... in South Vietnam's Mekong Delta." The book "is a solid read," but it "is not perfect. Though it flows well..., he refers to too few outside events to give the reader context or a sense of what was happening in the combat theater. The lack of dates and maps eventually becomes confusing."

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For Goulden, Washington Times, 8 Jun. 2003, Leary's is a "sound work, based on CAT's corporate archives." It serves as "a palliative for the wild yarns circulated about CAT and its successor organization, Air America, over the years." Bath, NIPQ 20.2, gives this work a "highly recommended" rating. The new edition has "a helpful new preface that summarizes CIA's proprietary air operations subsequent to the transformation of CAT into Air America.... Perilous Missions remains the best study of CAT and CIA's early involvement in the air over Asia."

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House, Proceedings 138.9 (Oct. 2012), notes that as a junior intelligence officer [at MACV], the author "had a priviledged view of the war." In this work, he combines his "personal experience with his subsequent career as an academic expert on the conflict to give the reader numerous insights into the failure of 'Vietnamization.'" His work "is both a significant contribution to our understanding of the war and an entertaining story." Peake, Studies 56.2 (Jun. 2012), says that Lomperis provides "a candid and unusual view of staff intelligence in Vietnam."

For Richards, H-War, H-Net Reviews. Jan. 2012, Lomperis's "compendium on the history of the war intertwined with his personal account[] offers a new, dynamic source of information to Vietnam War scholars concerned with day-to-day intelligence activities at the ground level." Brush,, Mar. 2012, comments that this work combines "memoir and history. The memoir is the best part. The history relies too much on a few revisionist secondary sources and contains numerous errors." Nonetheless, "[i]n spite of his occasional missteps, Lomperis' keen observations and wit makes for a good read."

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For Peake, Studies 58.3 (Sep. 2014), this "story of the ASA's combat and operational roles" in Vietnam "is a significent tribute to the ASA's little-known role in the war."

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