World War II


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According to Luce, I&NS 19.1, Rogério de Menezes was "a typist and Axis spy at the Portuguese Embassy in London from July 1942 to February 1943." MI5 knew in advance of his arrival and finally arrested him in February 1943. Deported to Portugal in 1949, he was interviewed by the author for this work, called by the reviewer "a captivating tale that is skilfully told and highly instructive."

Beevor, John. SOE: Recollections and Reflections, 1940-1945. London: Bodley Head, 1981.

Clark comment: Beevor was SOE's Lisbon station chief from 1940 to 1942. His personal file from SOE was included in the May 2003 release of documents transferred to the National Archives, Kew.

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Paul Fidrmuc (Ostro) was an Abwehr agent in Lisbon from the summer of 1940 until March 1945. The question is whether he really had the subagents in Britain and the Middle East that he claimed and whose information the Germans so highly prized, or whether he made it all up.

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"At great expense the Allies' preemption campaign worked to erode German wolfram amounts acquired, while the Germans stubbornly tried to hold the line by means of increasing production in their mines and pressuring Portugal to fulfill agreements and manipulate the Regulatory Commission by all means possible, includlng cajoling, threat, demand, and bribery."

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