World War II

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Clark comment: This appears to be a fantasy. http://www.cloakanddagger.com/ dagger: The author claimed to be "a member of Churchill's secret circle with more than 50 behind-the-lines infiltrations in France; she was captured, tortured and escaped to work with a group of Resistance fighters." Wiant, Studies 46.2 (2002), reviewing Nigel West's Counterfeit Spies (1998), comments that Butler "made up dozens of missions into occupied territory."

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Kerr, I&NS 13.4, notes that the author "had a very distinguished career in the Foreign Office between 1936 and 1973.... [H]e would have been much more informative had he written with the needs and interests of scholars in mind."

Among de la Mare's wartime experiences was a posting "to Washington to work in a branch of the Political Warfare Executive, in Colorado, which broadcasted propaganda to the Japanese. However he reveals nothing else about this important aspect of Britain's war effort." Later, in 1953-1956, de la Mare spent three months as Assistant Head of the Permanent-Undersecretaries Department (PUSD) and headed the Foreign Office Security Department for three years.

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Foot, I&NS 2.1, finds that Denham "gives an admirable account of what a wartime naval attache's life is actually like" and "explains how the Admiralty became aware of Bismarck's sortie in May 1941."

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Covers the author's WWII experiences with SOE in Albania and Poland.

[Liddell, Guy.]

See Nigel West, ed., The Guy Liddell Diaries -- 1939-1945: MI5's Director of Counter-Espionage in World War II, 2 vols. (London: Routledge, 2005). See also, Eunan O'Halpin, "The Liddell Diaries and British Intelligence History," Intelligence and National Security 20, no. 4 (Dec. 2005): 670-686.

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