Literature from the 1980s

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The focus here is the U.S. air raids against Libya in April 1986 in response to Libyan support of the terrorist bombing of a disco in West Berlin. The author concludes that the use of force in this instance "is unlikely to deter substantially future terrorist activities by individual radical or religious groups within the Middle East.... But those states that have in the past sponsored such terrorist activities may be deterred to the extent of reducing their support for them -- in the short run at least."

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Jenkins, I&NS 3.1, has nothing good to say for this edited volume by the future Israeli Prime Minister: "As a work of scholarship or objective analysis, it is a thorough failure.... Much better, then, to take it for what it is, a polemic representing a number of specific interest groups.... Terrorism is a manifesto for a particular brand of ultra-conservative policies, in the guise of scholarship."

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http://www.cloakanddagger.com/dagger: "A survey of terrorist operations and controls in open societies. A comprehensive look with significant focus on antiterrorism."

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