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Neal H. Petersen, comp. and ed., "Counterintelligence and Internal Security," American Intelligence, 1775-1990: A Bibliographic Guide (Claremont, CA: Regina Books, 1992), pp. 152-211, has extensive (over 1,000) listings in the general area of spying in and against the United States. The listings below focus on (a) particularly useful sources in the area and/or (b) those published since the late 1980s.

Broader counterintelligence and counterespionage activities are covered under the topic headings of "Counterintelligence" and "FBI." British espionage cases can be located from the "UK Spy Cases" Table of Contents. See also the entries under "Soviet Spies." The Washington Post has a collection of materials on spy cases and other espionage related matters at:

General Materials:

A - G H - K
L - R S - Z

Weinstein and Vassiliev, The Haunted Wood (1998)

Soviet A-Bomb Spies

Introduction to Venona The Venona Materials

Alger Hiss and Whittaker Chambers

Elizabeth Bentley

Noel Field

Individual Espionage Cases:

Mitchell and Martin (1960) Miller (1985)
Pollard (1985) Howard (1985)
Walker (1985) Chin (1985)
Pelton (1986) Ames (1994)
Nicholson (1996) Pitts (1996)
Peter Lee (1997) Squillacote (1997)
Groat (1998) Boone (1998)
Wen Ho Lee (1999) Wispelaere (1999)
Faget (2000) Trofimoff (2000)
Hanssen (2001) Regan (2001)
Montes (2001) Smith-Leung (2003)
Guantanamo Bay (2003) Franklin (2004)
Keyser (2004) Aragoncillo (2005)
Chi Mak (2005) China Spies (2008)
Myers (2009) Russian Spies (2010)
Russian Spies (2015)
Others (alphabetically, by name):
C - F G - J
M - R S - Z

Chinese Espionage (1998-2000)

Cuban Espionage in Florida (from 1998)

Treason Generally

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