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Russian Spies (2015)

Materials presented in chronological order.

Calabresi, Massimo. "Sloppy Russian 'Spymasters' Burn a Deep Cover Operative in New York." Time, 26 Jan. 2015. [http://time.com]

"Monday was a bad day for Evgeny 'Zhenya' Buryakov, the alleged spy arrested in the Bronx for his role as a deep cover case officer in a Russian ring targeting female university students, business consultants and the operations of the bank at which Buryakov worked. But it was an even worse day for his alleged spymasters, two Russian officials operating under diplomatic immunity who come across as sloppy, bureaucratic buffoons in the Justice department complaint detailing the alleged conspiracy....

"Igor Sporyshev, a Russian Trade Representative in New York, and Victor Podobnyy, an attaché to the Russian United Nations mission, managed to expose Buryakov by calling him on an open phone line and by using his true name in a conversation in the New York offices of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Services (SVR) which were apparently being bugged by the FBI's counterintelligence division." See also, Terrence McCoy, "This Alleged Russian Spy Ring Was Interested in Some Very Dangerous Things," Washington Post, 27 Jan. 2015.

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