Noel Field

Barth, Bernd-Rainer, and Werner Schweizer, eds. Der Fall Noel Field: Schlüsselfigur der Schauprozesse in Osteuropa [The Case of Noel Field: Key Figure in the Show Trials in Eastern Europe]. Berlin: BasisDruck Verlag, 2005. Includes DVD, Noel Field -- Der erfundende Spion [Noel Field -- The Fictitious Spy], a documentary film directed by Werner Schweizer, in German, French, and English.

Fischer, IJI&C 22.2 (Summer 2009), believes that this "meticulously documented history" will "stand as the final word on this Cold War mystery."

De Toledano, Ralph. "The Noel Field Story." American Mercury 80 (Apr. 1955): 5-8.

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Sharp, Tony. Stalin's American Spy: Noel Field, Allen Dulles and the East European Show Trials. New York: Oxford, 2014.

Peake, Studies 58.4 (Dec. 2014), says that Sharp "is the first" among several authors to get Fields' story "mostly right." However, he "gives too much credence to Steven's [Stewart Steven, Operation Splinter Factor (1974)] dotty conspiracy" involving the CIA and Allen Dulles. his book provides "a good, thoroughly documented, hard-to-believe spy story."

Steven, Stewart. Operation Splinter Factor. Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1974. London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1974.

Constantinides finds this story of U.S. perfidy against the Soviet Union "quite unreliable," and calls it "one of the worst books to appear in years in the field of intelligence; no time need be spent on it." For Fischer, IJI&C 22.2/343-345 (Summer 2009), this is a "specious account." The book is "replete with factual errors," and its basic thesis "is sheer nonsense." Peake Studies 58.4 (Dec. 2014), refers to "Steven's dotty conspiracy."

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