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This is not an easy story to follow. Beyond its technology transfer and nuclear espionage sides, it also contains elements of the dispute surrounding the manner in which the Democratic Party raised campaign funds for the 1996 Presidential election. The strongest Clinton haters have cast a broad range of the President's dealings with China in such light as to represent actions injurious to U.S. national security. No effort has been made to capture all of reporting on the various sides of this story; rather, selected reportage is presented to create a context for those stories that are specifically intelligence related.

Technology Transfer (1998-1999)

Wen Ho Lee Spy Case (1999-2000)

Fallout from the Lee Case (1999-2000):

15 March 1999

April 1999

May 1999

Cox Committee Report

June 1999

July 1999

August 1999

September - December 1999

From January 2000

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