Lavrenti P. Beria

Lavrenti Pavlovich Beria (1899-1953) headed Stalin's Commissariat for Internal Affairs (NKVD) and other Soviet intelligence and security organizations from 1938 until 1953 when his attempt to succeed Stalin failed and he was executed. Polmar and Allen, Spy Book, has a good, brief outline of Beria's career in terror.

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Surveillant 3.4/5 says Knight's book is a "comprehensive biography" of the individual who was "responsible for all intelligence, counterintelligence, and domestic security during the prewar and war years." The author "sees Beria's skill at psychological manipulation as the key to his relationship with Stalin.... More than a sycophant, he was Stalin's alter ego." Unsinger, IJI&C 7.1, believes that readers "expecting nuggets for the study of intelligence will be disappointed," because Knight "provides little more than a casual mention of a few operatives and events." This book is "easy to read and flows nicely."

To Legvold, FA 72.5 (Sep.-Oct. 1993), Knight "has pieced together as much as one can say" about Beria without benefit of the KGB archives. The "focus is less on the man than on the intersection between his career and the cruel doings of the regime's political watchdogs." Knight's account does not shed "much light on the reason" for some of Beria's later political positions.

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Rocca and Dziak: "In 1925 the author was commander of OGPU frontier troops in Trancaucasia. There he first met Lavrenti Beria.... From his vantage point Orlov was in a position to observe the beginning of Beria's rise."

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Surveillant 2.6 notes that this is an "English translation of the transcript" of the CPSU Central Committee Plenum of 2-7 July 1953. It details "the alleged crimes of Interior Minister and secret police chief Lavrenti Beria."

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Rocca and Dziak: "Unsourced assertions and apparent hearsay evidence limit its reliability."

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