March 2000

Arrest of British Spy


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Cockburn, Patrick. "Russia Claims It Has Arrested 'British Spy.'" The Independent, 16 Mar. 2000. []

On 15 March 2000, the Russian counterintelligence agency (Federal Security Service -- FSB) announced the arrest of "a Russian citizen accused of spying for Britain with the aid of the Estonian security service."

Gentleman, Amelia, and Richard Norton-Taylor. "Russian Held for Spying for Britain." The Guardian, 16 Mar. 2000. []

The arrest of a Russian citizen on charges of spying for Britain "came only days after [British Prime Minister Tony] Blair met [Acting Russian President Vladimir] Putin -- a former KGB agent and more recently the head of the FSB -- for informal talks and a friendly evening at the opera in St Petersburg.... Another Russian citizen, Platon Obukhov, was arrested in 1996 for allegedly passing secrets of a 'political and strategic defence character' to British agents while working as a diplomat for the Russian foreign ministry." Click to revisit the 1996 tit-for-tat UK-Russian expulsions.

Warren, Marcus. "Blair's Visit Soured by Moscow's 'Spy' Arrest." Telegraph (London), 16 Mar. 2000. []

"Both the Foreign Office and Estonian authorities [have] refused to comment ... on Moscow's allegations, which were vague even by Russian standards."

Whittell, Giles. "Russian Held on Charge of Spying for Britain." Times (London), 16 Mar. 2000. []

"Sources hinted ... at a connection between the Tallinn case and that of Platon Obukhov, a former Russian Foreign Ministry official, who was arrested in 1996 after admitting contacts with British intelligence in Moscow.... A more likely reason ... is Moscow's exasperation over British attacks on its Chechen policy and over what it considers British Muslims' illegal support for the Chechen rebels."

Evans, Michael. "Russians Claim Diplomat Recruited Spy." Times (London), 25 Mar. 2000. []

On 24 March 2000, the Russian counterespionage service (FSB) named Pablo Miller, a First Secretary at the British Embassy in Tallinn, as the British diplomat who "recruited an agent who spied on Moscow for MI6.... The Russian service claimed that Mr Miller was the head of British intelligence in the Estonian capital."

Traynor, Ian. "British Diplomat Accused in Spy Row." The Guardian (UK), 25 Mar. 2000. [http://]

Warren, Marcus. "Russian Spy 'Recruited by MI6 Agent.'" Telegraph (London), 25 Mar. 2000. []

"A Russian accused of spying for Britain had been asked to provide information on Moscow politicians in the run-up to this weekend's elections, the FSB, successor to the KGB, claimed [on 24 March 2000]. The Russian had been a senior officer in one of Moscow's intelligence services."

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