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James R. Schlesinger: "Of late, we have heard a great deal about restructuring. But restructuring is not the answer. At best it is only a small part of the answer. Nevertheless, in this country it is a common illusion that restructuring will save immense sums. In most cases money is saved only through curtailing operations.... Organizational charts themselves are likely to be misleading, because policymakers like to have intelligence responsive to them -- and are likely to hide away assets under a different name, if the attempt at centralization of intelligence goes too far. Restructuring may be the source of endless speculation, endless discussion, and endless allure. But in the future, as in the past, the real challenge in intelligence will remain -- the astute definition and careful analysis of the substantive problem." From testimony to HPSCI; quoted in Periscope 20.7 (1995), p. 6.

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