Hayden Peake, Reader's Guide to Intelligence Periodicals (1992)

Peake, Hayden B. The Reader's Guide to Intelligence Periodicals. Washington, DC: National Intelligence Book Center, 1992.

Clark comment: When it was first published, the praise was universal for Peake's unique work. However, many of the periodicals have disappeared and new Web-based publications have come into being. It would be interesting to see an updated version of this work.

AIJ 14.2 calls Reader's Guide a "superb reference guide." It is "not merely a listing," but supplies "insightful discussions on the coverage and merits of each publication." Sharman, NSLR 15.6, says that Peake "brings together what appears to be virtually every known datum about the intelligence-related publications."

For Calder, I&NS 9.2, Peake "demonstrates a commitment to information management and to the encouragement of high-quality inquiry." However, he should offer "guiding principles by which to distinguish objective and systematic inquiry from raw polemic, pseudo-objectivity or outright distortion... [T]his vital work is an essential item for all academic libraries and serious intelligencers."

NAMEBASE comments that "Peake has collected information (including addresses and telephone numbers) on 155 intelligence periodicals, newsletters, and databases from the U.S., Canada, and Europe. The task of tracking down all this esoterica would overwhelm most bibliophiles, but then he goes on to offer well-written, interesting descriptions averaging almost two pages for each."

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