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On 24 February 1995, President Clinton directed "the declassification of imagery obtained by the first generation of photo-reconnaissance satellites; the CORONA, ARGON and LANYARD systems. The order will cause the declassification of more than 800,000 satellite images of the earth's surface, collected by these satellites between 1960 and 1972." U.S. National Reconnaissance Office, NRO Public Affairs, "Press Release -- President Orders Declassification of Historic Satellite Imagery Citing Value of Photography to Environmental Science," 24 Feb. 1995. [http://www.nro.gov]

See the Corona Web site at http://www.nro.gov/history/csnr/corona/index.html, which includes an imagery library of materials from the Corona missions (August 1960-May 1972). The Website for the Gambit and Hexagon programs is at http://www.nro.gov/history/csnr/gambhex/index.html.

On 20 September 2002, NIMA transferred some 4,000 rolls of film from the KH-7 and KH-9 imaging satellites to the National Archive. Historical background and information on accessing the declassified imagery is available on the NGA Website at: http://www.nga.mil.

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