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Shryock, WIR 15.6, sees Bissell's memoirs as "thoughtful, candid, provocative, and ultimately puzzling." However, at times, the author "conveys his thoughts in a stiff, disorganized, and even excessively lawyerly manner." Falcoff, National Interest, Winter 1996-1997, finds the book "informative and stimulating," despite "its unexciting prose and a tendency to flatten what must have been far more dramatic events."

For Immerman, Choice 34.2, this work is disappointing but "nevertheless has value. It provides a succinct history of some of America's most dramatic Cold War initiatives and insight into the mindsets of their architects." Chambers concludes that "[t]here are no major disclosures. However, Bissell's personal recollections do add a new and useful viewpoint to the history of these operations." Click for a full review by Chambers.

"Methodological problems" with Bissell's memoirs are raised by Westerfield, Studies (Winter 1998-1999). Noting the clear acknowledgement that the "actual writing was done by [Bissell's] two collaborators," Westerfield also is concerned that "the posthumous additions (not clearly delineated ) obscure throughout what words were ever personally approved by Bissell and what ones were not."

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Goulden, Washington Times, 17 Jul. 2010, and Intelligencer 18.1 (Fall-Winter 2010) calls Eyes in the Sky "one of the more important books ever published about the CIA." The author provides "the sort of insider detail you will not find elsewhere." Along with a review of earlier aerial reconnaissance efforts, "Brugioni gives a sweeping panorama of generations of satellites that probed the Soviets' darkest secrets." The book "is not without faults.." It lacks "chronological coherence" and the "index ... is worthless." Nevertheless, it "is a superb account of an undisputed success by CIA and the rest of the intelligence community. A five-cloak, five-dagger read."

For Peake, Studies 54.3 (Sep. 2010), the author's "first hand comments add color and insights." This "is history firsthand in which Eisenhower's role is finally documented. Dino Brugioni has made a fine contribution to the intelligence literature." Chapman, IJI&C 24.2 (Summer 2011), sees this as "[a] remarkable book, superbly researched." It is "an excellent first-person account that covers the period from the 1940s to the present." To Rodriguez, Military Intelligence 37.2 (Apr.-Jun. 2011), this "is a captivating interpretation of the not so distant past. It meticulously details not only the intelligence problems of the day but also the innovative solutions to those problems."

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A Publisher's Weekly, 13 Aug. 2001, reviewer congratulates the author for his "superb research and steller writing." Burrows uses "a host of personal interviews, among his many sources." And he "also examines the issue of intelligence gathering from the Soviet viewpoint." Kirkus Review, 15 July 2001, sees this book as "[a]n unquestionably valuable service, well-written and tremendously informed, for the families of airmen lost during the Cold War -- and for everyone else now beginning to process the meaning of that part of recent history."

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The 1997 edition is a large format book with many black-and-white photographs. The dust cover states "In Celebration of the 50th Anniversary, USAF 1997" and "New Edition, 40 extra pages."

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Jack Weeks died in 1968 when his A-12 apparently exploded on a test flight. "A couple of weeks before his death, he became the pilot who located the USS Pueblo,... after it was captured by North Korean patrol boats.... Battleship Park, home of the USS Alabama, will commemorate the 40th anniversary of his death on June 4 with a ceremony that will include an Alabama Air National Guard fly-over."

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1. "Storied Rivet Joint Adds New Missions." Aviation Week & Space Technology, 25 Nov. 2002, 54-55.

Expanding mission to include "real-time battlefield" intelligence.

2. "Upgraded Rivet Joints Prepared to Deploy." Aviation Week & Space Technology, 25 Nov. 2002, 56-58.

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