Constitutional & Legal Issues

"Law and the War on Terrorism"

Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy. "Law and the War on Terrorism." 25, no. 2 (Spring 2002): Entire issue.


1. Viet D. Dinh, "Foreword: Freedom and Security after September 11";

2. Richard D. Parker, "Homeland: An Essay on Patriotism";

3. Cass R. Sunstein, "Why They Hate Us: The Role of Social Dynamics";

4. Philip B. Heymann, "Civil Liberties and Human Rights after September 11";

5. Noah Feldman, "Choices of Law, Choices of War";

6. Robert J. Delahunty and John C. Yoo, "The President's Constitutional Authority";

7. Robert F. Turner, "The Relevance of Congressional Power to 'Declare War'";

8. Michael J. Glennon, "Self-Defense and Incoherence in the U.N. Charter";

9. Jack M. Beard, "America's New War on Terror: The Case for Self-Defense";

10. Kenneth Anderson, "A Qualified Defense of Military Commissions";

11. George P. Fletcher, "Contradictions in the Proposed Military Tribunals";

12. Diane F. Orentlicher and Robert Kogod Goldman, "When Justice Goes to War";

13. William J. Stuntz, "Terrorism, Federalism, and Police Misconduct";

14. Eric A. Posner, "Fear and the Regulatory Model of Counterrorism";

15. Sara Sun Beale and James E. Felman, "The Consequences of Enlisting Federal Grand Juries in the War on Terrorism: Assessing the USA PATRIOT Act's Changes to Grand Jury Secrecy";

16. Barry Kellman, "An International Criminal Law Approach to Bioterrorism";

17. William E. Lee, "'Security Review' and the First Amendment";

18. Frederick P. Hitz, "Unleashing the Rogue Elephant: September 11 and Letting the CIA Be the CIA," 765-780;

The author examines potential modifications to four existing constraints on the CIA and the Intelligence Community in pursuing the terrorist target: The use of "dirty assets"; domestic law enforcement powers; assassination; and use of journalists, clerics, and academics. His focus is on "balance": The "need to gather better intelligence about threats posed ... by transnational terrorist groups must be weighed against the constraints imposed by current United States law and practice, the U.S. Constitution, and our status as a constitutional democracy."

19. Phillip A. Karber, "Re-Constructing Global Aviation";

20. David A. Klinger and Dave Grossman, "Answering Foreign Terrorists on U.S. Soil."

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