Constitutional & Legal Issues

"Intelligence Oversight, National Security, and Democracy."

Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy. "Intelligence Oversight, National Security, and Democracy." 12, no. 2 (Spring 1989): Entire issue.


1. W. S. Cohen, "Congressional Oversight of Covert Actions: The Public's Stake in the Forty-Eight Hour Rule";

2. Lawrence J. Block and David B. Rivkin, Jr., "The Battle to Control the Conduct of Foreign Intelligence and Covert Operations: The Ultra-Whig Counterrevolution Revisited," 303-355;

3. Ray S. Cline, "Covert Action as Presidential Prerogative," 357-369;

4. Loch Johnson, "Controlling the CIA: A Critique of Current Safeguards," 371-396;

5. B. G. Sciaroni, "The Theory and Practice of Executive Branch Intelligence Oversight";

6. D. Newman, T. Van Geel, "Executive Order 12,333: The Risks of a Clear Declaration of Intent";

7. Richard H. Shultz, Jr., "Covert Action and Executive-Legislative Relations: The Iran-Contra Crisis and Its Aftermath";

8. R. English, "A Counterintelligence and Counterterrorism Case: CISPES and the FBI";

9. P. Edward Haley, "Legislative-Executive Relations and the United States Intelligence Community," 495-507;

10. Arthur S. Hulnick and David W. Mattausch. "Ethics and Morality in United States Secret Intelligence," 509-522;

11. Andrew C. Tuttle, "Secrecy, Covert Action, and Counterespionage: Intelligence Challenges for the 1990s," 523-540;

12. "Military Intelligence and the American Citizen. Covert Action and Judicial Review."

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