Exploring Intelligence Archives

R. Gerald Hughes, Peter Jackson, and Len Scott, eds., Exploring Intelligence Archives: Enquiries into the Secret State (London and New York: Routledge, 2008)


Peter Jackson, "Introduction: Enquiries into the 'Secret State'"

1. R. Gerald Hughes and Len Scott, "'Knowledge is never too dear': Exploring Intelligence Archives"

2. British SIGINT Decrypts on London Naval Conference, 1930

Andrew Webster, "Overview: British Signals Intelligence and the London Naval Conference, 1930"

Document one: "Naval Conference: Japanese Admiralty Views on American Proposals"

Document two: "Naval Conference: Japanese Summary of the Situation and Request for Instructions"

John Ferris, "Commentary: Communications Intelligence and Conference Diplomacy: London, 1930"

Peter Mauch, "Commentary: The Japanese Navy and the London Naval Conference"

Andrew Webster, "Conclusions"

3. French Military Intelligence Responds to the German Remilitarisation of the Rhineland, 1936

Peter Jackson, "Overview: A look at French Intelligence Machinery in 1936"

Document three: "Note Concerning the Consequences that Follow, from a Military Point of View, from Germany’s Renunciation of the Locarno Treaty"

Martin Alexander, "Commentary: The Military Consequences for France of the End of Locarno"

4. The Creation of XX Committee, 1940

Len Scott, "Overview: Deception and Double Cross"

Document 4: "Memorandum on the 'Double Agent' System"

John Ferris, "Commentary: Deception and 'Double Cross' in the Second World War"

5. The Creation of a Vietnamese Intelligence Service, 1946-50

Christopher Goscha, "Overview: The Early Development of Vietnamese Intelligence Services (1945-50)"

Documents five, six and seven: "Three Documents on Early Vietnamese Intelligence and Security Services"

David Marr, "Commentary: Establishing a North Vietnamese Intelligence Service"

Merle Pribbenow, "Commentary: The Development of Vietnamese Intelligence"

6. The Interrogation of Klaus Fuchs, 1950

Michael Goodman, "Overview: Sir Michael Perrin’s Interviews with Dr Klaus Fuchs"

Document eight (pt. 1): "Record of Interview with Dr. K. Fuchs on 30th January 1950"

Document nine (pt. 2): "Record of Interview with Dr. K. Fuchs on 22nd March 1950"

David Holloway, "Commentary: An Analysis of Sir Michael Perrin’s Interviews with Klaus Fuchs: Comparative Soviet Perspectives"

7. The CIA and Oleg Penkovsky, 1961-2

Charles Cogan, "Overview: The Espionage of Oleg Penkovsky"

Documents ten to sixteen (excerpts): "CIA Files on Penkovsky"

Len Scott, "Commentary: Penkovsky: A Western Success Story?"

8. American and British Intelligence on South Vietnam, 1963

Andrew Priest, "Overview: The US and Vietnam in 1963"

Document seventeen: "The Situation in South Vietnam" (US)

Document eighteen: "The Situation in South Vietnam" (UK)

R. Gerald Hughes, "Commentary: 'In the Final Analysis, it is their War': The United States and South Vietnam in 1963"

9. British Intelligence on the Arab-Israeli Military Balance, 1965

James Vaughan, "Overview: Between Suez and the Six Day War: Western Intelligence Assessments and the Arab-Israel Conflict, 1957-1967"

Document nineteen: "The Military Balance between Israel and the Arab World up to the End of 1966"

Yigal Sheffy, "Commentary: Assessing the Assessors: JIC Assessment and the Test of Time"

10. A KGB View of CIA Activity against the Soviet Bloc, 1983

Paul Maddrell, "Overview: Western Spying on the Soviet Union’s Military-Industrial Complex during the Second Cold War"

Document twenty: "Multilateral Conference of the Organs Responsible for the Security of the Economy [illegible word or number]"

Matthias Uhl, "Commentary: Inside the Soviet Bloc in 1983"

11. Loch K. Johnson, "A Conversation with Former DCI William E. Colby: Spymaster during the 'Year of the Intelligence Wars'

Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones, "Commentary: Loch Johnson's Oral History Interview with William Colby, and Johnson's Introduction to that Interview"

12. The Butler Report

Peter Jackson, "Overview: The Butler Report as an Historical Document"

Document twenty-one: Butler Report (excerpt) "Conclusions on Iraq"

Robert Jervis, "Commentary: The Butler Report"

Loch K. Johnson, "Commentary: The Butler Report: A US Perspective"

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