Ethical Considerations

International Journal of Intelligence Ethics 1, no. 1 (Spring 2010)

Table of Contents

1. Guiora, Amos N. "Surveillance of Houses of Worship: Are There Limits, or Total Freedom?": 5-23.

2. Wahlquist, John A. "Setting an Agenda for the High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group": 24-46.

3. Perry, David L. "Some Unsettling Ethical Reflections on Interrogation": 47-75.

4. DeFalco, Ralph L., III. "Ethics, Intelligence, and Preemptive and Preventive Actions": 76-96.

5. Pektus, Donald A. "Ethics of Human Intelligence Operations: Of MICE and Men": 97-121.

6. Blanc, Maria F. "Moral Permissibility and Legitimacy of the Use of Coercive Interrogations: Implications for the Intelligence Professional, Participating Health-Care Professionals, and Society": 122-135.

7. Leftwich, Albert. "The Attaché's Dilemma": 136-139.

8. Book Reviews: 140-175.

International Journal of Intelligence Ethics 2, no. 2 (Fall 2011)

Table of Contents

1. Glees, Anthony. "Redefining the Limits of Secret Activity in the United Kingdom": 2-18.

2. Gendron, Angela. "The Ethics of Overhead Surveillance: Deploying UAVs in the National Airspace for Law Enforcement and Other Purposes": 19-44.

3. Selim, George. "Talking Terrorism: Can We Ethically Communicate the Threat?": 45-66.

4. Book Review: 67-70.

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