Post-Cold War

From the 2000s

Hearns, Michael. "'Blue Helmet Dark Glasses,' Peacekeeping and Intelligence in the 21st Century." Defence Forces Review (2006): 101-107.

McGuire, Eamon. Enemy of the Empire: Life as an International Undercover IRA Activist. Dublin: O'Brien Press, 2006.

This is one of those books the advertising of which raises credibility questions. When the publisher headlines that the author was "the CIA's most-wanted IRA man," as though the CIA was some sort of international law enforcement agency, it is easy to wonder about how much is fact and how much fiction.

Mulqueen, Michael. "Securing the State with Soldier Spies: Evaluating the Risks of Using Military Personnel to Gather Surveillance Evidence in Ireland." Irish Studies in International Affairs 20 (2009), 121–141.

"This paper explores implications for Irish national security policy that arise from provisions contained within the Criminal Justice (Surveillance) Act (2009) empowering personnel of the Defence Forces to covertly appropriate intelligence admissible as evidence in the Irish courts.... The paper concludes that the 2009 surveillance legislation provides certain tactical benefits to the state in its attempts to disrupt the activities of transnational terrorists both on-island and elsewhere; but it risks a strategic failure in the form of greater public distrust of the Irish security authorities."

O'Halpin, Eunan, Robert Armstrong, and Jane Ohlmeyer, eds.  Intelligence, Statecraft and International Power: Historical Studies XXV. Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 2006.

According to Peake, Studies 52.1 (Mar. 2008) and Intelligencer 16.1 (Spring 2008), this work contains 15 of the papers presented in 2005 at "a conference at Trinity College in Dublin on intelligence from ancient to contemporary times.... Seven articles discuss the history of Irish intelligence over four centuries, a fascinating topic little reported in literature.... The broad historical perspective of this volume on what works and what does not in intelligence will be of value to students of the profession as they search for answers to today's intelligence problems."

Skelly, IJI&C 21.4 (Winter 2008-2009), finds that "[w]hile this collection's assessment of intelligence in Ireland is timely, an added benefit is its comparative framework.... Another advantage is its extended timeframe."

Telegraph (London). "Ireland Expels Russian Diplomat Over Spy Fears." 1 Feb. 2011. [http://www.telegraph.co.uk]

"Ireland has asked a Russian diplomat to leave the country after a police investigation showed that Russia's intelligence services had forged Irish passports for use by a U.S.-based spy ring."

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