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Beer, Siegfried. "'Bound' to Cooperate: Austria's Little-known Intelligence Community Since 1945." Journal of Intelligence History 3, no. 1 (Summer 2003). [http://www.intelligence-history.org/jih/previous.html]

From abstract: "This article ... sketch[es] the development and character of the three Austrian services, i.e. the Staatspolizeilicher Dienst [security police], just recently (in 2002) re-organized as the Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz und Terrorismusbekämpfung [Federal Agency for State Protection and Counter-Terrorism], and the two military services, the Heeresnachrichtenamt [foreign military intelligence] and the Abwehramt [military counter-intelligence], headquartered in Vienna."

Blasi, Walter. "Die Anfänge des militärischen Nachrichtendienstes in Österreich." [The Beginnings of the Military Intelligence Service in Austria] In B-Gendarmerie, Waffenlager und Nachrichtendienste: Die militärische Weg zum Staatsvertrag [B (Federal)-Gendarmery, Ordnance Depot and Intelligence Service: The Military Way to the State Treaty], eds. Walter Blasi, Erwin A. Schmidl, and Felix Schneider, 128-138. Vienna: Bohlaus Verlag, 2005.

Kahn, I&NS 23.2 (Apr. 2008), notes that this work discusses the "origins of Austria's postwar intelligence."

Carafano, James Jay. Waltzing into the Cold War: The Struggle for Occupied Austria. College Station, TX: Texas A&M Press, 2002.

Brown, I&NS 19.1, notes that the author believes that U.S. Forces, Austria (USFA) "misused intelligence to bolster the case for viewing the Soviet Union as a threat to American interests in Austria." However, in the end, the author does not supply satisfactory support for his assertion.

Moscow Times. "Accused German Linked to Spy Flap." 17 Apr. 2008. [http://www.moscowtimes.ru]

A German man identified only as Werner G., "charged with selling sensitive technology information to Russia[,] is a key figure in a mysterious spy case involving a former Federal Space Agency official that jarred Russian-Austrian relations last year.... [I]nterviews with officials familiar with the case made it clear that the Russian intelligence officer referred to by German prosecutors is ... Vladimir Vozhzhov, who was arrested on spy charges in Austria last year and released after it turned out he had diplomatic immunity."

Schroeder, H.-J. "Marshall Plan Propaganda in Austria and Western Germany." In The Marshall Plan in Austria, eds. G. Bischof, A. Pelinka, and D. Stiefel. Contemporary Austrian Studies, Vol 8. New Brunswick and London: Transaction, 2000.

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Rogers, H-German (Mar. 1996), http://www.h-net.org, calls this a "spirited, scholarly, witty, thorough, and exciting history of the intersection of American culture and diplomacy with Cold War Austria.... Despite the title, the book has almost nothing to do with Coca-Cola.... [R]ather than focusing on the material culture of Coca-Cola, Wagnleitner deals far more with the media that brought transformation under the pressure of American occupation."

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