Military Operations in the 2010s

Operations in Afghanistan

2014 - 2015

Materials arranged chronologically.

Khan, Ismail. "U.S. Drone Kills Militants in Pakistan." New York Times, 20 Jul. 2014, A11. []

"Fifteen militants were killed early [19 July 2014] when an American drone struck a compound in the Pakistani tribal region of North Waziristan, according to local residents and a security official. It was the fourth known drone strike in the region since Pakistan launched a military operation there last month."

Rosenberg, Matthew, and Eric Schmitt. "U.S. Is Escalating a Secretive War in Afghanistan." New York Times, 12 Feb. 2015. []

In October 2014, a raid on a village by Afghan intelligence commandos and American Special Operations forces netted "a laptop computer and files detailing [al-]Qaeda operations on both sides of the [Afghanistan-Pakistan] border.... In the months since, the trove of intelligence has helped fuel a significant increase in night raids by American Special Operations forces and Afghan intelligence commandos.... American and Afghan officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity..., said that American forces were playing direct combat roles in many of the raids and were not simply going along as advisers....

"The raids appear to have ... hit both [al-]Qaeda and Taliban operatives.... Afghan and American officials said the raids over the past few months had been carried out by the elite commandos of the National Directorate of Security, Afghanistan's main spy agency, and members of a mix of American military Special Operations units, such as Navy SEALs and Army Rangers, and paramilitary officers from the C.I.A."

Ryan, Missy. "U.S. Operation Killed al-Qaeda Hostages, Including American." Washington Post, 23 Apr. 2015. []

On 23 April 2015, a White House statement said "[a] U.S. operation along Pakistan's border with Afghanistan inadvertently killed two hostages earlier this year.... The American hostage, Warren Weinstein, had been held since 2011.... Italian aid worker Giovanni Lo Porto, had been in al-Qaeda captivity since 2012." The statement "did not provide details on the operation but news reports described it as a drone strike. The operation also killed Ahmed Farouq, a U.S. citizen and an al-Qaeda leader, the White House said.... In addition, the statement said, U.S. officials believe that another operation killed Adam Gadahn, a prominent al-Qaeda figure, also in January."

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