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"The Naval-NRO Coordination Group (NNCG) was chartered in December 1999 by the Director of the NRO ... and the[] Under Secretary of the Navy ... to serve as the prime interface between NRO and Naval staffs, and Naval operational, warfare development and systems commands. The purpose of the NNCG is to ensure that Naval planning decisions are made with full awareness of reconnaissance capabilities under development by the NRO, and conversely, to ensure that the NRO is kept informed of evolving Naval warfighting capabilities and tactical support needs." From "Overview," at [not found 2/2/07].

On 29 December 2005, OPNAV Notice 5450 disestablished the Naval Security Group (NAVSECGRU), the Navy's cryptologic organization responsible for signals intelligence and communications security. NAVSECGRU functions will be integrated into Naval Network Warfare Command (NAVNETWARCOM). "NAVSECGRU Service Cryptologic Element responsibilities will now be performed by the Information Operations Directorate (IOD) of NAVNETWARCOM." NAVSECGRU Activities and Detachments have been renamed Navy Information Operations Commands (NIOCs) and Detachments (NIODs). OPNAV Notice 5450 is available at

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