Post-Cold War

Closing of Bad Aibling Station


Materials in chronological order.

Startzman, Shirley [INSCOM POC]. "Bad Aibling Station to Close." Fort Belvoir, VA: U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command, 31 May 2001. []

According to an announcement on 31 May 2001, Bad Aibling Station (BAS), Germany, will be closed and forces stationed there consolidated and realigned. "The Department of Defense made the decision at the request of the Director of the National Security Agency/Chief, Central Security Service (NSA/CSS). Current operations ... will cease on Sept. 30, 2002, with return of the facility to the German Government to be completed by fiscal year 2003."

BAS "is an integral part of the Department of Defense communications network and provides support to U.S. and allied interests. There has been a U.S. presence in Bad Aibling since 1947. The U.S. Army took command of the station in 1952. In 1971, the station became a predominately civilian operation managed by NSA. In 1972, its name was changed to the current Bad Aibling Station. In 1994, BAS management was transferred from NSA to the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM)."

Clark, James. "Americans Expand Top Spy Base in UK." Sunday Times (London), 10 Jun. 2001. []

"Hundreds of staff from ... the National Security Agency (NSA)[] will be transferred from a base in southern Germany to RAF Menwith Hill.... The NSA staff will arrive between March and September next year, after the closure of Bad Aibling in Bavaria."

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