Russia to Close Lourdes Sigint Site

Glasser, Susan B. "Russia to Dismantle Spy Facility in Cuba." Washington Post, 18 Oct. 2001, A34.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on 17 October 2001 that "Russia will close its major eavesdropping center in Cuba.... In withdrawing from the Lourdes base, Putin is putting to rest one of the major relics of the Cold War still in operation in Cuba. The base, built by the Soviet Union in 1964, continues to house an estimated 1,500 military personnel, and its role as a significant electronic intelligence center has been a major point of contention with the United States in recent years."

Sullivan, Kevin. "Cuba Upset By Closure of Russian Spy Base." Washington Post, 19 Oct. 2001, A26.

"The Cuban government has angrily denounced Russia's decision to close a key electronic eavesdropping facility in Cuba, alleging that President Vladimir Putin made the move as a 'special gift' to President Bush before their meeting this weekend at an economic summit in Shanghai."

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