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The best brief review of the current state of Japanese intelligence is contained in a "Review and Commentary" article by Robert D'A. Henderson, "Reforming Japanese Intelligence," IJI&C 10.2: "The Japanese government currently has three principal intelligence assessment agencies, two of which have intelligence gathering capabilities.... The principal agency for compiling intelligence assessments on foreign affairs and domestic threats for cabinet decisionmakers is the Cabinet Information Research Office ... [which has] no intelligence gathering capacity.... The second intelligence assessment organization is the Public Security Investigation Agency ... [which] is responsible for surveillance and countering of internal security threats.... The third element of Japan's intelligence community is the Japanese Defense Agency (JDA) which is responsible for military intelligence, SIGINT and electronic intelligence collection, and code deciphering." (pp. 233-235)

Prior to World War II

World War II

Post-World War II: To 1989


2000s - 2010s

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