Aman - Israeli Defense Force (IDF) Intelligence Corps:

Mossad - Israel Secret Intelligence Service [in Hebrew with link to English version]

"The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations, otherwise known as 'Mossad' has been appointed by the State of Israel to collect information, analyze intelligence and perform special covert operations beyond its borders."

From the above brief history of Mossad: "On 7 June 1948, Prime Minister David Ben Gurion summoned Jewish Agency Political Department staffer Reuven Shiloah and acting head of Shai [the Hagana's intelligence unit], Isser Beeri (Bierenzweig, or 'big' Isser).... The meeting led to preliminary definitions of the nascent state's intelligence services."

Pictures of Mossad's directors through Meir Dagan.

Shin Bet - Shabak - Israel Security Agency

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