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1. Khrushchev's Speech

2. Attack on Iraq's Nuclear Facilty (1981)

3. Operation Moses

4. Miscellaneous

1. Khrushchev's Speech

Melman, Yossi, and Dan Raviv. "The Journalist's Connections: How Israel Got Russia's Biggest Pre-Glasnost Secret." International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence 4, no. 2 (Summer 1990): 219-225.

2. Attack on Iraq's Nuclear Facilty (1981)

Claire, Rodger W. Raid on the Sun: Inside Israel’s Secret Campaign that Denied Saddam the Bomb. New York: Random House, 2004.

Rosales, Air & Space Power Journal 19.2 (Summer 2005), finds that the author describes Israel's attack on Saddam Hussein's Osirak nuclear facility in 1981 "with remarkable clarity and accuracy. Granted access by the Israeli government to formerly classified documents and voluntary contact with all eight pilots, the mission coordinator, and cockpit film of the attack[,] Rodger Claire captures details previously unknown to the rest of the world. His style combines historical fact with clandestine thrill and the suspense of cloak and dagger, making the reader privy to every perilous decision made by the Israeli leadership."

For Peake, Studies 50.2 (2006), the author "fills in the details of Operation Babylon in an easy-reading style, though his grasp of administrative and technical detail sometimes falters." The book is strongest when "Claire describes the pilot selection process, the technical problems involved in the attack ... and the step-by-step execution of the mission itself."

3. Operation Moses

Livingstone, Neil C., and David Halevy. "Miracle in the Desert: The CIA's Role in the Rescue of the Black Jews of Ethiopia." Intelligencer 20, no 2 (Fall-Winter 2013): 33-42.

A nicely told story (no sources) of a covert humanitarian operation in March 1985, conducted as a favor to Israel (plus the exfiltration of four Mossad personnel a week later).

Shimron, Gad. Mossad Exodus: The Daring Undercover Rescue of the Lost Jewish Tribe. Jerusalem: Gefen Publishing House, 2007.

According to Peake, Studies 54.4 (Dec. 2010), and Intelligencer 18.2 (Winter-Spring 2011), the author tells the "exciting story" of Operation Moses, the covert exfiltration of the Falasha who had fled from Ethiopia to Sudan. At one point, the CIA helped arrange secret flights for Mossad's operation. Shimron participated in the operation from 1981 to 1985, and he "describes field expedient tradecraft conducted by a few officers working under difficult nonofficial cover conditions. It is told with a sense of humor and is a tribute to all involved."

4. Miscellaneous

Alexander, Yonah, Yuval Ne'Eman, and Ely Tavin, eds. Future Terrorism Trends. Washington, DC: Global Affairs, 1991.

Bar-Zohar, Michael, and Haber Eitan. The Quest for the Red Prince. New York: Morrow, 1983.

Dan, Uri, and Yeshayahu Ben-Porat. The Secret War: The Spy Game in the Middle East. New York: Sabra, 1970.

Goldman, Adam, and Ellen Nakashima. "CIA and Mossad Killed Senior Hezbollah Figure in Car Bombing." Washington Post, 30 Jan. 2015. []

"[F]ive former U.S. intelligence officials" have confirmed "U.S. involvement in the killing" of "Imad Mughniyah, Hezbollah's international operations chief," in Damascus on 12 February 2008. "The United States helped build the bomb," a CIA team tracked Mughniyah's movements, and Mossad agents triggered the device remotely from Tel Aviv. "The authority to kill Mughniyah required a presidential finding by President George W. Bush.... In the leadup to the operation, U.S. intelligence officials had assured lawmakers in a classified briefing that there would be no collateral damage, former officials said."

Jones, Clive. "'A Reach Greater than the Grasp': Israeli Intelligence and the Conflict in South Lebanon, 1990-2000." Intelligence and National Security 16, no. 3 (Autumn 2001): 1-26.

Israel's overall intelligence effort in South Lebanon was "conceptually flawed. The inability to regard Hizb'allah as anything more than terrorists, or to look beyond the more extreme rhetoric at their emergence into the mainstream of Lebanese politics produced erroneous intelligence assessments."

Lotz, Wolfgang.

1. The Champagne Spy: Israel's Master Spy Tells His Story. New York: St. Martin's, 1972. New York: Manor, 1973. [pb]

2. A Handbook for Spies. New York: Harper & Row, 1980.

Schack, Howard H., with H. Paul Jeffers. A Spy in Canaan: My Life as a Jewish-American Businessman Spying for Israel in Arab Lands. New York: Birch Lane Press, 1993.

Schleiffer, Ron. "Psychological Operations: A New Variation of an Age Old Art: Hezbollah versus Israel." Studies in Conflict & Terrorism 29 (2006): 1-19.

Schleiffer, Ron. Psychological Warfare in the Intifada: Israeli and Palestinian Media Politics and Military Strategies. Portland, OR: Sussex Academic Press, 2006.

For Gordon, DIJ 16.2 (2007), this work "provides valuable insights into the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians." It "is especially strong in its discussion of media policy in the furtherance of strategy.... Israeli fear and distrust of propaganda resulted in an information mechanism [that] was inadequate to deal with the challenge presented by the Intifada. Palestinians on the other hand ... understood the power of propaganda and did not hesitate to employ it in their struggle."

Perry, NWCR 61.2 (Spring 2008), believes that this work "offers a unique, though logically flawed, perspective of the first intifada, which he describes as 'political warfare.'" The author "analyzes the successful Palestinian tactics and compares them to the unsuccessful Israeli response through the components of 'psychological operations' (PSYOP) as presented in the U.S. Army Manual of Psychological Warfare.... [T]his work is ultimately unsatisfying, because its organization and thesis have logical flaws."

Silman-Cheong, Helen. Wellesley Aron: A Rebel With a Cause -- A Memoir. London: Frank Cass, 1991.

Sumaida, Hussein Ali, with Carole Jerome. Circle of Fear: From the Mossad to Iraq's Secret Service. Toronto: Stoddart, 1991. London: Robert Hale, 1992. Circle of Fear: My Life as an Israeli and Iraqi Spy. Washington, DC: Brassey's, 1994.

Szulc, Tad. The Secret Alliance: The Extraordinary Story of the Rescue of the Jews Since World War II. New York: Farrar Straus Giroux, 1991.

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