Defense Intelligence Journal

"Knowledge Management"


Defense Intelligence Journal. "Knowledge Management." 9, no. 1 (Winter 2000): Entire issue.


1. William H.J. Manthorpe, Jr., "From the Editor," 3-4.

"What is 'Knowledge Management'?"

2. William M. Nolte, "Information Control Is Dead. What's Next? The Knowledge Management Challenge for the Intelligence Community in the 21st Century," 5-13.

"In the 21st century, if American intelligence is to be fully successful, analysts must work for their clients, aspiring to become their information brokers of choice."

3. Clinton C. Brooks, "Knowledge Management and the Intelligence Community," 15-24.

"Knowledge management is the hottest management topic around our planet right now.... Intelligence Community organizations are in the information and knowledge business, so trying to more effectively capitalize on our intellectual assets by managing them makes sense."

4. Rick E. Yannuzzi, "In-Q-Tel: A New Partnership Between the CIA and the Private Sector," 25-37.

"The Agency's leadership recognized that the CIA did not, and could not, compete for IT innovation and talent with the same speed and agility that those in the commercial marketplace, whose businesses are driven by 'Internet time' and profit, could." Thus, In-Q-It (renamed in January 2000 as In-Q-Tel).

5. Dennis M. Nagy, "A Military Intelligence Knowledge Base and Knowledge Management: Cultural Factors," 39-56.

The author discusses structures, attitudes, and processes. He concludes that someone within the Department of Defense should be given the responsibility for achieving "dominant battlespace knowledge" for the U.S. forces.

6. Dennis N. DuBois, "Intelligence Community Information Technology: Driving Architecture to Budget," 57-66.

"If the Intelligence Community is to be a real 'community', greater commonality of IT architectures is required throughout."

7. Jerry O. Tuttle, "Decision Superiority and Intelligence," 62-71.

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