Defense Intelligence Journal

"Information Warfare"


Defense Intelligence Journal. "Information Warfare." 5, no. 1 (Spring 1996): Entire issue.


1. William H.J. Manthorpe, Jr., "From the Editor," 3-11.

Information Warfare (IW) "is still in the process of being defined; the policies governing its use are still being developed; and the responsibilities for implementing those policies are still being assigned."

2. Kenneth A. Minihan [LtGen/USAF, Director/National Security Agency], "Intelligence and Information Systems Security: Partners in Defensive Information Warfare," 13-23.

3. Martin R. Hill, "It Is Time To Get On With Information Warfare," 25-41.

4. Halbert F. Stevens, "Information Dominance: The New High Ground," 43-52.

5. Thomas P. Rona, "Information Warfare: An Age-Old Concept with New Insights," 53-67.

6. Julie Ryan, John Woloschek, and Barry Leven, "Complexities in Conducting Information Warfare," 69-82.

7. Mary Ann Cline, "The Growing Importance of the Intelligence Community in Information Warfare," 83-86.

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