Fighting for the Soul of Greece

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Kuniholm, JAH 69.3 (Dec. 1982), notes that the author "believes that U.S. intervention, motivated by a concern for protecting petroleum resources in the Middle East, was both unjustified and ineffective.... Wittner's judgments, however, while thought-provoking and insightful, are nonetheless problematic." His identification with the Left leads him to minimize complex internal and external factors that conflict with his political views.

For Smith, FA 62 (Summer 1982), "[t]his book deals primarily with the American role in Greece after the declaration of the Truman Doctrine.... In 1949 most Americans were euphoric about the results of this policy. Today many must share the author's conclusion that in the long run 'American policy toward Greece ended in shambles.'"

Woodhouse, Christopher Montague.

Woodhouse was the commander of the Allied Military Mission to the Greek Resistance in World War II.

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Pforzheimer, Studies 5.2 (Spring 1961), identifies this work as "[a]n authoritative account of Greek resistance against the Germans in World War II."

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Pforzheimer: This autobiography includes the author's wartime experiences and his post-war intelligence assignments.

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Pforzheimer: This is an "authoritative account of the Greek Resistance in World War II and the internal postwar civil war which the Resistance helped to spawn."

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