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1. Legal and Constitutional Issues

2. Waco and Ruby Ridge

1. Legal and Constitutional Issues

Berman, Jerry J. "FBI Charter Legislation: The Case for Prohibiting Domestic Intelligence Investigations." University of Detroit Journal of Urban Law 55 (Summer 1978): 1041-1078. [Petersen]

Blackstock, Paul W. "Counterintelligence and the Constitutional Order." Society 12 (Mar./Apr. 1975): 8-10. [Petersen]

Charns, Alexander. Cloak and Gavel: FBI Wiretaps, Bugs, Informers, and the Supreme Court. Urbana, IL: University of Illinois Press, 1992.

Olmstead, Katherine S. Challenging the Secret Government: The Post-Watergate Investigation of the CIA and FBI. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1996. JK468I6O45

According to Choice, May 1996, this book focuses on the Church and Pike "committee investigations of CIA abuses (less extensively those of the FBI) in the wake of Watergate.... [Olmstead] applauds Pike more than Church ... and laments that, in the final analysis, the revelations produced few meaningful reforms. Her judgments are controversial, and some will argue naive, but they warrant careful consideration."

Marshall, JAH 83.4, finds Olmstead's work "perceptive and gracefully written." Although it "suffers from a shortage of available archival sources" and "could have discussed more deeply the foreign policy context of the hearings' ultimate demise," this book "is the most comprehensive account" of the congressional investigations.

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2. Waco and Ruby Ridge

Hancock, Lee. "Delta Force Had Active Role in Raid, Ex-CIA Officer Told: Pentagon Won't Discuss Army Commando Unit." Dallas Morning News, 27 Aug. 1999. [http://www. dallasnews.com]

A former CIA officer, Gene Cullen, told The Dallas Morning News on 26 August 1999 that "he learned from Delta Force commandos that members of the secret Army unit were 'present, up front and close' in helping the FBI in the final tear-gas assault on the Branch Davidian compound." Cullen said that "he heard the detailed accounts of the military's active involvement from 'three or four' anti-terrorist Delta commandos as he worked with them on an overseas assignment in 1993."

Walter, Jess. Every Knee Shall Bow: The Truth and Tragedy of Ruby Ridge and the Randy Weaver Family. New York: HarperCollins, 1995.

Wright, Stuart A. Armageddon in Waco: Critical Perspectives on the Branch Dividian Conflict. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1995.

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