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1. Electronic References

2. Print References

1. Electronic References

The FBI has Websites at: http://www.fbi.gov/ and http://foia.fbi.gov. The latter site provides access to materials released under FOIA on such subject categories as "Espionage," "Famous Persons," and "Historical Interest."

Campbell, Dan. "FBI Celebrates Centennial with Web Site." Government Computer News, 7 Apr. 2008. [http://www.gcn.com]

The FBI "has updated its Web site with pages devoted to its first 100 years of existence. The Web site covers the 'Bureau of Investigation's' history since its inception..., and includes a section that details each of the bureau's directors through the years.... The site also includes a 'Hall of Honor' dedicated to the FBI agents that have been killed in the line of duty, as well as a detailed history of the bureau's seal." See http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/history/history.

2. Print References

Churchill, Ward, and Jim Vander Wall. COINTELPRO Papers: Documents from the FBI's Secret Wars Against Dissent in the United States. Boston: South End Press, 1990.

DuPree, Sherry Sherrod, and Herbert C. DuPree. Exposed!!! Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Unclassified Reports on Churches and Church Leaders. Washington, DC: Middle Atlantic Regional Press, 1993.

Haines, Gerald K., and David A. Langbart. Unlocking the Files of the FBI: A Guide to Its Records and Classification System. Wilmington, DE: Scholarly Resources, 1993.

Hogue, Henry B. Nomination and Confirmation of the FBI Director: Process and Recent History. Washington, DC: Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress, 2005.

Theoharis, Athan G. The FBI: An Annotated Bibliography and Research Guide. New York: Garland, 1994.

Rosswurm, I&NS 11.2, says that "Theoharis knows more about the history of the FBI than anyone else. This guide reflects this knowledge. It is a must for novice and expert alike."

Theoharis, Athan G., ed., with Tony G. Poveda, Richard Gid Powers, and Susan Rosenfeld. The FBI: A Comprehensive Reference Guide - - From J. Edgar Hoover to the X-Files. New York: Oryx, 2000.

Jonkers, AFIO WIN 15, 16 Apr. 2000, recommends this "excellent," "informed," and "readable" overview.

Quirk, John P. FBI Glossary. Guilford, CT: Foreign Intelligence Press, 1988.

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