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Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Public Affairs Office. "DNI Blair Selects Christopher Kojm as Chairman of the National Intelligence Council (NIC)." ODNI News Release No. 21-09. Washington, DC: 21 May 2009. []

On 21 May 2009, DNI Dennis C. Blair "announced that he has selected Christopher Kojm to be the next Chairman of the National Intelligence Council (NIC)."

Hess, Pamela. "CIA, Intel Director Locked in Spy Turf Battle." Associated Press, 27 May 2009. []

According to current and former government officials, DNI Dennis Blair and CIA Director Leon Panetta "are locked in a turf battle over overseas posts, forcing National Security Adviser James L. Jones to mediate." The dispute "centers on Blair's effort to choose his own representatives at U.S. embassies instead of relying only on CIA station chiefs."

Reacting to Hess's report, Marc Ambinder, "An Intelligence Turf War or Just Unfinished Business," The Atlantic, 28 May 2009, cautions: "don't draw from [the term "turf battle"] the notion that Blair and Panetta are at daggers drawn. They've simply asked the White House to resolve a question that Congress dropped in their laps when it created the DNI structure and took away the CIA chief's power to direct the activities of the nation's other 15 intelligence agencies." See also, Mark Mazzetti, "Turf Battles on Intelligence Pose Test for Spy Chiefs," New York Times, 9 Jun. 2009.

Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Public Affairs Office. "New CIO Joins the ODNI." ODNI News Release No. 22-09. Washington, DC: 27 May 2009. []

Confirmed by the U.S. Senate on 21 May 2009, Priscilla Guthrie has taken up her position as Associate Director of National Intelligence and Intelligence Community Chief Information Officer (CIO).

Hess, Pamela. "US Counterintel Chief to be Replaced." Associated Press, 26 Jun. 2009. []

In a message to employees on 26 June 2009, DNI Dennis Blair announced that "Joel Brenner, the national counterintelligence executive for the last three years," will leave his post on 4 July 2009. "No reason was given for Brenner's departure and his replacement has not yet been announced."

Pincus Walter. "Senate Panel Backs DNI In Turf Battle With CIA." Washington Post, 23 Jul. 2009. []

In its 22 July 2009 report on the fiscal 2010 intelligence authorization bill, the SSCI asserted that DNI Dennis Blair, "not CIA Director Leon Panetta, should have ultimate authority to name the top U.S. intelligence delegates overseas."

Pincus, Walter. "DNI's Strategic Plan Outlines New Missions: Counterintelligence, Cybersecurity Stressed." Washington Post, 16 Sep. 2009, A3. []

DNI Dennis C. Blair told reporters on 15 September 2009 that the new National Intelligence Strategy gives new emphasis to counterintelligence and cybersecurity. According to Adam Entous, "Secretive Spending on US Intelligence Disclosed," Reuters, 15 Sep. 2009, Blair put the overall spending level for "intelligence activities across the U.S. government and military" at $75 billion a year.

Pincus, Walter. "Primacy of CIA Station Chiefs Confirmed, Ending Interagency Row." Washington Post, 13 Nov. 2009. []

According to U.S. intelligence officials, "[n]ational security adviser [Gen.] James L. Jones has decided that CIA chiefs of station in countries across the world will continue also to represent the office of the director of national intelligence, ending a brief turf battle between the heads of the two spy organizations."

Walter Pincus, "Settling an Intelligence Turf War," Washington Post, 17 Nov. 2009, adds that in addition to his decision that CIA station chiefs will also be the DNI's representatives in other countries, national security adviser Gen. James L. Jones decided that DNI Adm. Dennis C. "Blair will name the intelligence community representative to NSC meetings... On covert actions and their oversight, the CIA would continue to deal directly with the White House but must report oversight findings also to the DNI. And Blair, when requested by the White House, will undertake strategic oversight, meaning the director will evaluate effectiveness on whether the operations meet national policy objectives."

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