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This work is beyond datedness, and there is little reason for anyone to read it today. Nevertheless, it was the first serious attempt at a book-length treatment of the history of cryptology until Kahn's The Codebreakers.

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Kahn, I&NS 23.2 (Apr. 2008), comments that this book is "well-illustrated.... Using little mathematics, he rehearses the solution of of the Japanese PURPLE machine, Enigma, and other well known stories, but also talks about 'the underestimated German cryptanalysts.'"

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Although he is bothered by the absence of footnotes, Kruh, Cryptologia 24.2, notes that the author combines "a storyteller's sense of drama with a scientist's ... appreciation for clear mathematical descriptions.... Singh offers an interesting, illustrated and up-to-date history of cryptology." Booklist, 1 Sep. 1999, finds that the author mixes "nicely balanced technical detail with vibrant storytelling." For Cohen, FA 78.6 (Nov.-Dec. 1999), the author "has done an excellent (and blessedly concise) job of retelling the history of code writing.... [H]e should be particularly commended for the book's graphics, which help explain ideas otherwise too abstruse for the lay reader."

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This is regarded as a classic work in the field of cryptology.

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Christensen, Cryptologia 34.3 (Jul. 2010), finds that "[l]ittle harm" has been done to the original work, "but the added material -- two chapters at the end -- is not truly an update, and an update was not needed."

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