Intelligence Relations with the Clergy

[Deutch, John.] "DCI Testimony Before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence." Periscope 21, no. 5 (1996): 1-2.

DCI John Deutch's statement of 17 July 1996 to the SSCI "concerning possible use of American journalists, American clergy or the Peace Corps." For text of Deutch's statement, Click HERE.

E.N.I. "CIA Wants Option of Recruiting Clergy." Christian Century, 11-18 Sep. 1996, 844.

Report on comments by Rodney Page of the National Council of Churches and DCI John Deutch's response at 17 July 1996 SSCI session. Page argued for an absolute ban on the use of clergy by the CIA.

Pincus, Walter. "CIA Can Waive Prohibition Against Using U.S. Clergy Abroad for Covert Work." Washington Post, 22 Feb. 1996, A26.

"A controversial loophole permit[s] CIA officers in extraordinary circumstances ... to waive a ... 19-year-old ban on employing clerics or missionaries for clandestine work overseas, according to intelligence officials.... The issue of CIA use of various nondiplomatic covers abroad has attracted publicity as a result of a recommendation last week by a task force sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations. The panel proposed a review of the 'legal and policy restraints' that limited use of nondiplomatic covers....

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