Directors of Central Intelligence

R. James Woolsey (1941 - )

DCI, 5 Feb. 1993-10 Jan. 1995

Included here:

1. Material on Woolsey

2. Woolsey's Writings and Speeches


1. Material on Woolsey [Arranged chronologically]

Smith, R. Jeffrey. "Woolsey: At the CIA, a Cautious Moderate." Washington Post National Weekly Edition, 28 Dec. 1992-3 Jan. 1993, 12.

President Clinton's nominee for DCI, Robert James Woolsey, "is an engaging, politically cautious moderate" with ties to both political parties.

Gordon, Michael R. "'Campus Activist to Insider': C.I.A. Choice's Inner Journey." New York Times, 11 Jan. 1993, A1, A14.

Martin, Jurek. "Woolsey Spies New Targets for the CIA." Financial Times, 3 Feb. 1993, 8.

Fessler, Pamela. "Woolsey Gets Senate Approval; Budget Cuts, Overhaul Await." Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report, 6 Feb. 1993, 276-277.

Senate votes 3 February 1993 to confirm R. James Woolsey as DCI.

Smith, R. Jeffrey. "A Director Who Has Trouble Reading the Political Tea Leaves." Washington Post National Weekly Edition, 31 May-5 Jun. 1994, 7-8.

DCI R. James Woolsey's relations with Congress have reached the point that, with the exception of former Defense Secretary Les Aspin, Woolsey "has received more criticism from his congressional overseers than any other cabinet-level official in this administration." Some people point to the DCI's "zealous defense of the agency" as a source of his problems, while others find the root cause in "President Clinton's perceived lack of interest in intelligence matters and foreign policy issues." But even his friends believe that Woolsey's "argumentative and sometimes abrasive personal style" exacerbates his difficulties.

Pincus, Walter, and R. Jeffrey Smith. "A Real Spy Thriller." Washington Post National Weekly Edition, 21-27 Nov. 1994, 32.

"The Republican election victory is likely to slow the Clinton administration's planned reductions in intelligence spending and may also help keep embattled CIA Director R. James Woolsey in office a while longer."

IntellectualCapital.com. "The Changing Game of Cloak and Dagger: An Interview with James Woolsey." 29 May 1997. [http://www.intellectualcapital.com]

The interview covers such topics as: the San Jose Mercury-News crack cocaine story ("basically a lie"), the intelligence budget ("has been cut substantially"), accountability (there is "accountability in spades"), and the future of the CIA ("I hope that no one ... pulls off something as stupid as closing down the CIA").

Benson, Pam. "Former CIA Chiefs Call on President to Stop Interrogation Probe." CNN, 18 Sep. 2009. [http://www.cnn.com]

In a letter sent to President Barack Obama on 18 September 2009, former CIA directors John Deutch, Porter Goss, Michael Hayden, James Schlesinger, George Tenet, William Webster, and James Woolsey urged the president "to stop the criminal investigation of people involved in the CIA's harsh interrogations of suspected terrorists."

2. Woolsey's Writings/Speeches


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