Directors of Central Intelligence

Stansfield Turner (1923- )

DCI, 9 Mar. 1977-20 Jan. 1981

Included here:

1. Material on Turner

2. Turner's Writings/Speeches

1. Material on Turner

Quoting Costa Rican authorities, Associated Press, "Ex-C.I.A. Chief Hurt and Wife Killed in Air Crash," New York Times, 17 Jan. 2000, reports that Admiral Turner was injured and his wife killed in a plane crash in Costa Rica on 15 January 2000. Washington Post, 18 Jan. 2000, A12, reports Admiral Turner's condition as "stable but critical"; he "suffered head and chest injuries" in the plane crash that killed his wife and others.

Center Magazine. Editors. "Freedom and the Intelligence Function; Symposium." 12 (Mar.-Apr. 1979): 45-60.

Petersen: "Roundtable with DCI Turner, former DCI Colby, CIA critic Morton Halperin, and others."

Bonafede, Dom. "The CIA Under Turner -- The Pleasure of His Company." National Journal 9 (17 Dec. 1977): 1948-1954. [Petersen]

Epstein, Edward Jay. "Who Killed the CIA: The Confessions of Stansfield Turner." Commentary 80, no. 4 (Oct. 1985): 53-57. [http://www.edwardjayepstein.com/whokilledcia.htm]

Using Adm. Turner's Secrecy and Democracy: The CIA in Transition (1985) as his launchpad, the author tears into and even ridicules the former DCI's management of the CIA during his 1977-1981 tenure. Because of Epstein's special interest in the case, he also accuses Turner of knowingly "falsifying" the history of the hostile interrogation and extrajudicial incarceration of Yuri Nosenko by blaming it on James Angleton.

Pincus, Walter. "Turner: CIA Nearly Used a Journalist in Tehran." Washington Post, 1 Mar. 1996, A15.

"Stansfield Turner, a former CIA director, [has] described the ... circumstances that led him ... to waive agency regulations that prohibited the use of American journalists ... as cover for clandestine intelligence activities. Shortly after Muslim extremists occupied the U.S. Embassy in Tehran ... on Nov. 4, 1979, an American journalist in Iran 'who had unique access' met with CIA personnel to discuss how they 'thought he could help to resolve a problem,' Turner said in an interview.

2. Turner's Writings/Speeches

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