Directors of Central Intelligence

George John Tenet

Nomination and Confirmation


Materials arranged chronologically.

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DDCI and Acting DCI (since December 1996) George Tenet seems to be in line to be tapped for the DCI nomination vacated by Anthony Lake, if only because the administration believes that he can be confirmed.

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Transcript of Jim Lehrer discussion with James Woolsey, Warren Rudman, and David Wise on George Tenet's nomination as DCI.

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On 19 March 1997, President Clinton nominated George J. Tenet, 44, for the position of Director of Central Intelligence (DCI). Tenet has been Deputy Director of Central Intelligence (DDCI) since July 1995 and Acting DCI since December 1996. See also, Tim Weiner, "For 'the Ultimate Staff Guy,' a Time to Reap the Rewards of Being Loyal: George John Tenet," New York Times, 20 Mar. 1997, A14 (N).

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Includes sidebar story by the same author, "Tenet Promises Objectivty," p. 714.

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"After a bruising fight with Senate Republicans over the failed nomination of Anthony Lake, Tenet's support from key lawmakers in both parties was probably the decisive factor in Clinton's choice."

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"George Tenet, President Clinton's latest nominee for director of the Central Intelligence Agency, has set new records for both speed and elegance of ascent [up the ladder of power]. Last week Republican Senators were all but telling Tenet he would be confirmed even before Clinton had nominated him."

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