CIA Headquarters Named for President Bush

On 26 April 1999, the CIA headquarters complex in Langley, Virginia, was named the George Bush Center for Intelligence. Although purists may argue that Allen Dulles should have been so honored, that George Bush's name is on the place around which so much of my adult life once revolved fills my heart with pleasure. He is the epitome of a grace sorely lacking in today's world.

Materials presented in chronological order.

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On 22 April 1999, four days before the CIA headquarters in Langley officially becomes the George Bush Center for Intelligence, "a handful of current and former top Central Intelligence Agency officials assessed the Bush legacy." Includes comments by John L. Helgerson, CIA deputy inspector general; John E. McLaughlin, deputy director for intelligence; and Charles A. Peters, former editor of the President's Daily Brief.

Loeb, Vernon. "Bush Affiliation No Secret at Langley: Former Director and President Is Honored in Naming of CIA Headquarters." Washington Post, 27 Apr. 1999, A15.

On 26 April 1999, the CIA dedicated its "headquarters complex as the George Bush Center for Intelligence, honoring the former president in gala outdoor ceremonies as the only man in history to have run the nation's spy machine and later relied on its work product as commander in chief."

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CIA Headquarters compound renamed the George Bush Center for Intelligence on 26 April 1999.

Bush, George. "Remarks by President George Bush at the Bush Center Dedication Ceremony, April 26, 1999." CIRA Newsletter 23, no. 2 (Summer 1999): 28-29.

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