Inspector General on Honduras


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Associated Press. "CIA Knew of Honduran Abuses in '80s." 24 Oct. 1998, A21. [http://www. washingtonpost.com]

CIA Inspector General (IG) Frederick Hitz's report, dated 27 August 1997, on CIA activities in and reporting on events in Honduras in the 1980s "discovered that field dispatches and agency reports to Congress played down the abuses and sometimes contained inaccurate information. But the inspector found no evidence to support allegations that CIA officials were present at Honduran torture sessions.... [T]he report states that the CIA knew of human rights abuses by Honduras's military but was inconsistent about reporting the abuses to U.S. lawmakers. The highly charged political context, including the ... administration's support of anti-communist efforts by Latin American countries and ... pressure in Congress on human rights abuses, influenced intelligence reporting, the report said."

Excerpts of the report are available at: http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/latin_america/honduras/cia_ig_report/index.html.

Loeb, Vernon. "CIA Won't Name Hondurans Suspected of Executing Rebel." Washington Post, 4 Nov. 1998. A2. [http://www.washingtonpost.com]

"In a newly declassified report on 'selected issues relating to CIA activities in Honduras in the 1980s,' the CIA makes repeated references to military officers it believes tortured and executed Jose Maria Reyes Mata, a Cuban-trained doctor and guerrilla leader, during a counterinsurgency operation in 1983. But agency censors blacked out the names of those officers throughout the 230-page document, written by the CIA's inspector general. The report was turned over Oct. 22 to the Honduran human rights commissioner."

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