Iraqi Chemical Weapons

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Shenon, Philip. "C.I.A. Report Says It Failed to Share Data on Iraq Arms." New York Times, 10 Apr. 1997, A1, A12 (N).

At a news conference at CIA Headquarters on 9 April 1997, the CIA released a report revealing that it had "solid information in 1986" that chemical weapons had been stored at the Kamisiyah ammunition depot in southern Iraq. "Despite that evidence, the agency failed to include the depot on a list of suspected chemical-weapons sites provided to the Pentagon before the [Gulf] war."

New York Times. "[Editorial:] Intelligence Incompetence." 11 Apr. 1997, A20.

The failure to identify Kamisiyah as a chemical-weapons site raises concerns about "how much reliance to put on agency estimates across the board."

Shenon, Philip. "C.I.A. Is Unfairly Blamed in Chemical Blast, Panel Is Told." New York Times, 17 Apr. 1997, A14 (N).

At a joint hearing on 16 April 1997 before the two intelligence subcommittees, the CIA's investigator of the circumstances surrounding the destruction of the Iraqi ammunition depot at Kamisiyah pointed to intelligence reports both before and shortly after the Gulf War with warnings that chemical weapons had been stored in the vicinity of that facility.

Shenon, Philip. "Powell Says C.I.A. Failed to Warn of Chemical Arms." New York Times, 18 Apr. 1997, A11 (N).

Testifying to the Senate Veteran Affairs Committee on 17 April 1997, Former JCS Chairman Colin Powell said that neither he nor other senior commanders at the Pentagon or in the Gulf received warnings that chemical weapons might have been stored at the Kamisiyah ammunition depot.

Eddington, Patrick G. Gassed in the Gulf: The Inside Story of the Pentagon-CIA Cover-Up of the Gulf War Syndrome. Washington, DC: Insignia Publishing Company, 1997.

According to McGehee, CIABASE Update Report, Aug. 1997, Eddington is a former CIA analyst who with his wife "tried to get the CIA to confront the edifice of lies regarding chemical agent exposures and their possible link to the Gulf War Syndrome.... Unearthing hundreds of classified documents they argue that tens of thousands of American troops had been exposed to chemical weapons."

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