The 1980s

The CIA "Murder Manual"

Brinkley, Joel. [arranged chronologically]

1. "C.I.A. Primer Tells Nicaraguans Rebels How to Kill." New York Times, 17 Oct. 1984, A1.

2. "Democrats Assail C.I.A. Primer for Latin Rebels." New York Times, 18 Oct. 1984, A6.

3. "President Orders 2 Investigations on C.I.A. Manual." New York Times, 19 Oct. 1984, A1.

4. "Nicaraguan Rebel Disputes U.S. Aide." New York Times, 20 Oct. 1984, A1-A3.

5. "Adviser Says Reagan Will Dismiss Officials Linked to Rebel Primer." New York Times, 22 Oct. 1984, A1, A10.

6. "Rebel Asserts C.I.A. Pledge Help in War Against Sandinistas." New York Times, 1 Nov. 1984, A1, A14.

7. "C.I.A. Chief Defends Manual for Nicaraguan Rebels." New York Times, 2 Nov. 1984, A3.

Turner, Robert F. "The CIA's Nicaragua 'Murder Manual': A Sandinista 'Dirty Trick?'" International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence 9, no. 1 (Spring 1996): 33-41.

"[A] powerful, if not conclusive, case can be made that the manual incident was less an example of CIA perfidy than of a brilliant Sandinista 'dirty trick' designed to discredit the CIA and the Reagan Administration by using an agent [Edgar Chamorro] to covertly insert a few objectionable sentences into a generally admirable training manual -- and then leaking the end product to the press during an election campaign."

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